Topic: There are plenty of trash talkers in the NFL and there is no shortage

The sport has its breaks in action between plays and even between games week to week. With all this free time … tel-jersey , it is all too easy for players and even coaches to bite their tongues during these sometimes quite lengthy periods of free time. This leads to more verbal jabs and competitive banter that now plays out on twitter and the internet as well as the more traditional field of play.Philip Rivers might be a father of seven children and one of the nicest human beings around, but that doesn't mean he doesn't talk during games. The legendary trash talker has plenty of unwelcome advice to give to opponents, even if he keeps it all rated-G. Richard Sherman is a graduate of Stanford, but frequently reminds people he hails from Compton, simply using his mouth to show opponents he is unwilling to ever back down. Rex Ryan is one of the more popular NFL coaches … vai-jersey , with a rapport with players that is hard for others to achieve. He does have his faults, and one of them is opening his mouth before understanding what it might mean to his job security or even his beloved team. The NFL is full of talkers, and questioning an opponent's manhood or ability to play is all just the mental part of the game.The top 15 mouths in the league all share one thing in common that makes it easier for them to open their mouths wide. They are all rather successful players, earning them the right to speak their minds. Players respond to it, fans enjoy it … ing-jersey , and the media eats it up. Trash talking and saying too much when it is unnecessary is all just part of the game. Earlier this month, we were treated to that one night a year when women actually want to watch football. The fiftieth Super Bowl in the history of the NFL was really nothing special. It was a defensive battle, and wasn't one sided like the 2014 game, but number fifty didn't stack up against last year's final minute end zone interception.The Carolina Panthers and victorious Denver Broncos put on a half decent show and four-time All-Pro outside linebacker Von Miller took the MVP award for his 2.5 sacks and two forced fumbles. Peyton Manning, widely considered to be one of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of the game http://www.indianapoliscoltsteamonline. … eke-jersey , was below average in the game.For the most part, if you're getting into the Super Bowl, you're playing for a top tier team. Additionally, as the quarterback is (at least in modern football), the most important player on the field http://www.jacksonvillejaguarsteamonlin … lor-jersey , only teams who have invested in solid field generals are making it to the big game, with some notable exceptions.Plenty of quarterbacks such as Kerry Collins (XXXV), Craig Morton (XII) and Rich Gannon (XXXVII) rank among the most notorious quarterbacks to make the Super Bowl and absolutely abort the game, but what about those who make it, win it http://www.jacksonvillejaguarsteamonlin … -ii-jersey , but end up thanking their entire teams for covering their butts while they almost blow it? Here are the fifteen worst Super Bowl performances of quarterbacks who won.