Topic: Audio performance?

Hello all,

Not knowing a lot about Macs (mostly the fact that it's based off Unix and it's much better than Windows at photo/video editing), i am curious as to how it fares in music playback.

Windows + Winamp (and Audigy2 ZS and Boston Acoustics BA635) works perfectly fine, but my collection is growing to the extent that i am considering building a computer solely for music. I like alternates (and, to an extent, change) so i thought about a Mac.

The main questions i have are:

-In comparison, does Windows beat Mac in terms of playback quality and data storage (or vice versa)?

-What would be the best setup (i guess that's the word i'm looking for) for a Mac?

-I need external speakers, correct? Which ones are a nice choice or the best?

-Would the Mac be more expensive to a "comparable" Windows/PC?
Thank you

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