Vixea Manplus because I I not only speak on this but I have four kids and a crazy wife like an insane wife she's actually just crazy town and she's not here right now so I can say that out loud but please don't tell anybody said I said that cuz she'll find me she's here's how nuts she is but years ago so my wife sleeps in if I didn't wake her up she'd be asleep right now she never would go to work or anything she just sleeps and so for 17 years of marriage every morning I do the same thing I shake her shoulder and I say baby it's time to get up every Manplus Vixea  morning of our marriage since we got married day one just baby it's time to get up and it went fine and then a few years ago she just started saying weird crap like I started really small she got into med school she was really tired so her mind's not as clear and so I shook her shoulder and was in the dark I said baby it's .