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Oh Darius Slayton Jersey , where to begin as it pertains to draft picks made by the Cleveland Browns since the club returned to the National Football League in 1999?  There is literally no one spot to begin with regarding the awful draft classes the Browns have produced over the years. When you really look back and examine the draft picks made by the Browns and also see the players who could have instead been selected by Cleveland over the years, it is not all that difficult to understand why the Browns are currently perceived as one of the worst organizations in the NFL and in all of North American professional sports, in general.In short, it’s been bad times for the Browns.While it is still early on into the experiment T.J. Hockenson Jersey , it seems as if the Browns once again swung and missed in the first round of the 2015 NFL Draft. Those picks do not, however, sting nearly as much as do the draft picks that the Browns made during the opening round of the prior draft. As much as Cleveland fans may still hold resentment over the Browns trading up in order to acquire Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel, Manziel will likely not be the biggest mistake that the Browns made during the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft. Yes, the Browns passed on the young man who arguably the best overall wide receiver in the league today.The Browns had two first-round draft picks in 2015 The NFL is a very up and down kind of league. Remember when the Chargers were supposed to dominate with Ryan Leaf? Well … rsey-cheap , so don’t we—the pick after Peyton Manning broke a lot of Chargers fan’s hearts that year. Remember when the Cardinals were poised to do big things with Matt Leinart? Boy did that plan crash and burn. How about the Giants in 2007? They surprised the world by winning it all that year. In 1998, the St. Louis Rams finished the season 4 and 12. Not much was expected from them the following year. Then stepped in the AFL star Kurt Warner. The team went 13 and 3 and did the improbable by winning the Super Bowl. Overall, there is no telling who will dominate and who will fade out of relevance. Below you will find a list of 7 teams that will “break your heart” and 8 teams that will “win you over” in the 2016 NFL season. This list was determined by three different criteria. First, how efficient was the team in the offseason? Did they sign any stars? Draft any potential leaders? Or did they lose some key components? Second, how good/bad is their division looking. Do they have a chance to overtake some of the division leaders from last year. Or are the other teams just looking too strong? Last Will Harris Jersey , how young/old is the team looking. In some cases, time allows rookies to mature, in others instances, time does the opposite to over-matured players. If you find your team on the “break your heart” list, hold on tight. Contrarily … rsey-cheap , if you find your team on the “win you over” list, congratulations… you’re in for a fun season.