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Believe it or not http://www.thejaguarsfootballauthentic. … -authentic , the Houston Texans have actually been decent when it comes to the first round of the NFL Draft.(Andre Johnson, Duane Brown, J.J. Watt, et all) slightly outweigh the bust picks (David Carr, Travis Johnson, Amobi Okoye Garrett Bradbury Jersey , et all), but Houston's had some great picks over the past 15 years and will look to replicate that success in 2017.What if the Texans could go back and fix some of their previous mistakes? Instead of taking David Carr first overall in the 2002 NFL Draft, would they take Julius Peppers or Ed Reed? How about the 2009 NFL Draft, which landed them linebacker Brian Cushing - a fine player, but someone who went before players that gave their own teams much more of an impact.As with all of our re-drafts, we go by the following rules:- These picks are made in a chronological order and have an effect on each other, meaning that the Texans selecting a quarterback in the 2004 NFL Draft may have an impact on where they look in the 2005 NFL Draft. All the pieces matter http://www.thevikingsfootballauthentic. … -authentic , as one Lester Freamon would say.- Players who are already off the board at the time a pick takes place are exempt, meaning that the 2009 Houston Texans, who drafted 15th overall, can't somehow come away with Matthew Stafford as the former Georgia quarterback is already off the board.- Where the team picked in real life remains the same, though that's for ease and realism. You can pretend how the team finished the year before to end up with that pick (maybe they acquired it in a trade in the previous draft!).Ready to change history? Let's do this. The NFL has long had a problem with players getting into trouble with that law. We all remember the major scandals of Ray Rice, Gregg Hardy, and Ray Lewis Alexander Mattison Jersey , as they were all national stories. One thing all of these incidents have in common, is that the players were reinstated to the NFL. The NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell has been criticized on many many occasions about his handling of player conduct and punishment.When Ray Rice was caught on a hotel camera, cold cocking his wife and knocking her unconscious, Goodell initially suspended Rice for two games. That is less games than Tom Brady was suspended for suspicion of deflating footballs in playoff games. Ultimately the video of Rice was released to the public, and Goodell suspended Rice for an entire season, but it took the release of the video and a public outcry before Goodell actually punished Rice.There are many players in the NFL today who have done some pretty nasty things http://www.thevikingsfootballauthentic. … -authentic , and some others who have acted outside the moral confines of the National Football League, however, the NFL and Roger Goodell are in the market of making money, not making model citizens. The NFL routinely allows criminals, cheaters, and simply bad people to participate in their game.Today we will take a look at 15 guys who are in the NFL, who should be banned for life for their outrageous behavior. If the NFL had any real principles they would begin enforcing some stiffer penalties to their players who act out Nick Bosa Jersey , but like we established earlier, the NFL is in the market of making money, not producing quality people. I am sure you may think that banning some of these guys for life might be a bit extreme, but if they NFL really want to clean up their image, they have to begin making some serious changes, and showing that negative behavior will not be tolerated.