Topic: The Celebrity of Maplestory M Mesos

In order to help keep buy Maplestory M Mesos  spoiler free, I will consult with the boss as"boss".My question is that: I cannot seem to resist the Boss. This really isn't the level 190 one, but the regular one. Either I perish too much or run out of time? Any maplestory2 tips? My personality is flat 176, and course bishop.Keep moving and attempt using abilities which you can use quickly, not necessarily the ones that hit hardest.

You can use the portals on the platforms, do not try using the portals that are bottom, you will just waste time. You are going to use the portal site on the left When the lasers are turning clockwise side. You use the portal on the right, if they are turning counter-clockwise. Don't try jumping on the core, you will wind up slamming from the path of the capsules will not make it.

Whilst in the second phase, attempt to maintain behind Lotus to prevent his cable jab. So don't be concerned about them that far the vertical inks will take at you upward. He is healing, attack him and the heal will fail, but make him be and he'll cure a lot when a ball of energy appears over his head.

Runaway manner is similar to the second stage on steroids; you'll follow the same rules but the soccer ball will be red, not blue. When he starts using suction, jag-jump or even teleport away from himor he'll hit you with a cord jab. He'll lay down a apparatus, which will keep you from leaping, beware of this move, especially if he turns the screen dark.

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